We All Develop Habits, Even In Our Breathing

dr. peter litchfield
We All Develop Habits, Even In Our Breathing

Could Baby Brain Be A Habit!?

We look at breathing like a metaphor… Our breathing habits can tell us a lot about what needs to be addressed in the physiology and the psychology.

Take for instance a pregnant woman, there is tremendous pressure on the diaphragm and most likely she will develop a habit of reaching for air towards the end of her possible challenging pregnancy. 

After the child is born and even later on when she comes into a challenging situation it may be an unconscious metaphor for when she was pregnant and out of habit she will start to reach for air. 

So now every time she is challenged by her child/ren or partner about the child, she’ll start reaching for air again, the same as when she was pregnant. This leads again to deregulation of those reflexes and she might begin experiencing the same symptoms as when she was pregnant…  like being dizzy or disoriented and can’t remember what she was going to say and can’t carry on a good discussion… it is so normal people just call it baby brain! 

Whereas before being pregnant she may have normally been really good at having a heated discussion, she now is not because she doesn’t have enough oxygen in the brain… 

Not having enough oxygen does affect other things, like not being able to orgasm… but that’s another blog for another day. In the meantime, it would greatly benefit to learn more about the most important part of your breathing.

No wonder so many women have such a difficult time after bearing children… and so do their families.


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