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Learn how breathing affects health & performance...
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For Personal Trainers, Life Coaches, and Health Practitioners who want to facilitate breathing in a way
that helps their clients to achieve their physical and mental health outcomes.

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This short course will help connect the dots on how to have effective breathing habits and how the psychology of breathing habits are the missing piece to the holistic puzzle.

For holistic professionals, practitioners, coaches and the general public that are interested in the behavioral perspective of breathing and its effects on health and performance.


Meet The Founders

Angie + Shane Saunders

A former special forces trainer and a former hollywood production coordinator come together by the fascination of human behavior and it's relationship to health and performance.

Co-Founders of Breathe Me + the O2 Collective, Award Winning Authors, Professional Coaches, Professional Speakers, and Co-Hosts of The Breathing Edge Podcast


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When Psychology and Physiology Come Together

Did You Know Breathing Is a Behavior?

Awareness is The First Step

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