This Is The Most Important Part Of Your Breathing

dr. peter litchfield
This Is The Most Important Part Of Your Breathing

Start with thinking of your body as a friend. You are invited to be interested in how your friend is breathing. Not by trying to show you how good you can breathe because someone showed you how to breathe into your diaphragm. You just want to see how your friends breathes, that’s it.

Can you just sit back and see what your body does all by itself? Let’s see… sit in your chair and focus on your exhale, the exhale is a passive process. There is no need to use a muscle to exhale, it’s about relaxing the muscles you used to take the breath. 

How are you actually doing your exhale? Do you seem to be pushing out the exhale or do you let it out slowly? Normally it will go out slowly… and then it will get slower and slower and slower until you stop, and then you have to take a breath. But how long does it stop for before the inhalation reflex (inspiratory reflex) comes in? 

If you are really observant, you can feel it.

A lot of people have lost the feeling of when their exhale stops, this is when it gets lost. The problem begins when they take the next breath before the reflex has time to operate. This is when they believe that they have to take the next breath... must do it the right way otherwise it may not happen, then it feels like they have to do it all the time. 

Becoming distrustful with the system. 

Now begin to allow it... Work with the reflex to build trust. It may be a metaphor for other things that are going on in life. If someone pushes out the breath, what has to happen next is a reach for the next big breath…  If you do that, you will get yourself into trouble... right away. 

What happens is that you start losing too much carbon dioxide and then move into a deficient state. This is where you start getting symptoms... The symptoms will show up differently for everyone, can be minor like tension in the body or moodiness or it can get as bad as turning into gut issues, jaw issues, or chronic fatigue… the list goes on and on.

If you have symptoms of stress, this is where Your Breathing May Be The Source Of Your Problems.

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