Your Breathing Could Be The Source Of Your Problems

dr. peter litchfield

Look To Treat The Cause, Not The Symptoms

There was a report from the USA stating that 60% of the ambulance call outs were as a result of acute symptoms brought on by the way someone is breathing. 

This has been of great interest to us… how can someone experience radical symptoms brought on by the way they are breathing?

As humans we go to our knowledge base first… we go see a doctor, a therapist, or a coach.

Searching for an answer as to why we are having these symptoms.

Then that practitioner will go to their knowledge base to try to figure out what is going on.

Maybe you might get a prescription, a self help technique, or go see someone else for a second opinion that suits your lifestyle.

You may get some explanations - but it may actually have nothing to do with the source of our problem.

Most practitioners don’t know about respiratory physiology or if they do they don’t know much about counseling or interviewing for links in behavioral psychology.

Not many practitioners think that a client's symptoms may have anything to do with the way they are breathing… so they blame it on something else...

Treating the symptoms, not the cause of the symptoms.

So a large amount of people just fall through the cracks and live with the symptoms for years or decades at a time!

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