What is Co2 And Is It Bad?

dr. peter litchfield

Co2 in the environment is different from Co2 in our bodies, especially when it comes to our breathing.

We need carbon dioxide in our system.

Part of our reflexes in the brain stem is to maintain the correct level of carbon dioxide concentration in the alveoli in the lungs. The body has to maintain the right concentration so that when the blood comes through the lungs it gives off a certain amount of Co2 but retains a good part of it and returns that to systemic circulation.

Carbon Dioxide has everything in the world with controlling acid base balance in the body... specifically the pH of your blood plasma and other fluids.

The body is engaged in acid-based balance from breath to breath...

Sometimes when you take over your breathing, you take away control of those inherent reflexes and what happens is a lot of people over ventilate, meaning they lose too much carbon dioxide and when they do that, there are all kinds of symptoms that can show up.

There are statistics that show that up to 60% of ambulance call outs in the USA come about by acute symptoms brought on by dysfunctional breathing, which is losing too much carbon dioxide.

Co2 is a precious substance, you need a certain amount of it to be maintained in the blood, and something that you shouldn’t need to worry about doing yourself because it can happen automatically.

Another myth is that we have to do the breathing to feel better, but the magic is allowing the breathing to regulate in a way that is consistent with good respiration.

Check out the white paper ‘Aligning Mechanics with Chemistry’

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