Is Holding Your Breath Bad for You?

dr. peter litchfield
Is Holding Your Breath Bad for You?

We've all seen the bumper stickers... "Remember to Breathe '' or "Just Breathe"... as if we need to do the breath or it won't happen.

So naturally people will notice that they are holding their breath or they aren't breathing enough air because they are breath holding which is usually about people wanting to be in control... especially when they are feeling out of control at that moment. 

Here is what most people don't know... It would take a very long time to compromise respiration by holding your breath for 2 or 3 seconds... even 30 seconds you won't make a dent really on the oxygen concentration of the body.

So it really isn't an issue, it's usually just a sign of taking control. In fact, if you are holding your breath significantly, it might even help you out in some regards... A lot of people lose too much carbon dioxide and by holding their breath they might even get a little bit of it back

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