How to Ease Into Correcting Your Breathing

dr. peter litchfield

A man suffered nearly 70 years of brain fog and sleep apnea, and how it was completely gone after practicing the wrong thing in the right way… 

This is a story based on a technique we use called ‘negative practice’ in behavior therapy. 

Practice the wrong thing, so you’re really good at it. Get to a point where you can disengage it, engage it, disengage, engage, disengage. 

In this story there's a habit there that needed to be addressed despite his knowledge, despite all his work he never addressed the habit. The habit needs to be addressed. 

That's the message. 

To identify a habit here, we have to know something about ourselves, and as we develop that awareness, we have to learn the symptoms that come on associated with the habit.

Magic happens when we learn to become comfortable with these symptoms… and we must know how to bring those symptoms on and then disengage them. 

Watch the full story…

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