Here's How We Should All Be Breathing

dr. peter litchfield

Well.. there are many perspectives to consider...

Breathing is something you manipulate, it’s a piece of physiology. 

Some will think that when you manipulate this physiology you will believe that it's going to relax you, give you energy, or help you to sleep. There are all kinds of things that you can do with the breath. 

Where we’re coming from is that breathing is an actual behavior that you engage in. Just like your posture… or the gestures you make like how you move your hands, your head, your eyes, etc.

These are all learned behaviors. 

Some are good, some are not so good, some may get you into trouble, some might give you pain and so on and so on. 

It’s the same thing with breathing… We learn breathing habits and almost everything we learn is unconscious. 

So when we allow the breath, there is a probability that you’re not only doing something that could be good for you,  it could also be dysfunctional. 

So when you allow the breath you maybe allowing a dysfunctional habit.

If it is dysfunctional breathing then the consequences of it agree with some of the belief systems that you may have about breathing or the symptoms that are brought on by dysfunctional breathing.

This can then confirm cognitively, emotionally, and physically that the unconscious habit is triggered by your letting go. Thoughts of feeling uncomfortable letting go are then created and can cause a lifetime of heartache.

Conversely if there is no dysfunctional habit associated with the unconscious breathing and you let go and allow the breathing you will be able to effectively regulate these areas and feel great and on top of the world!

Naturally, as a part of life we all eb and flow between these two states.

This is what we look at, we look at what the person has learned, what the body has learned, what they have learned together, how the belief systems are supporting or not supporting the breathing that they are doing. 

We look at the history of their experience of breathing to be able to understand why the person is breathing in a particular way right now. 

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