The latest research on how breathing affects behaviors.

An accredited course in
Breathing Science

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The first of its course that focuses on the relationship between respiration, physiology and psychology

Earn continued education points while learning our step-by-step process on how to identify and replace destructive breathing habits so you can help to...

  • Improve the health of the nervous system.
  • Reduce brain fog and fatigue. 
  • Increase creativity and performance.

Continued Education In Partnership With....

Continued Education for doctors, health professionals, practitioners, coaches, and the general public that are interested in the behavioral perspective of breathing and its effects on health, wellbeing and performance.

The Breathing Science Course will guide you through exactly how crucial it is to general health and wellbeing to develop an awareness of breathing habits.

By the end of the course, you will have a whole new perspective on breathing PLUS you will be one of the few with these life-changing skills to repattern breathing habits and optimize respiration for health & performance. 

As it happens you will also be equipped with a step-by-step process on how to achieve optimal breathing for self-regulation (managing emotions and mindset).


Laura C.

"This course was incredibly insightful. As someone who's been guiding breathing in a yoga and coaching context for many years, this information flipped my knowledge of breathing on its head in the best way. I feel more equipped to understand what's going on with my clients and students and how to guide them in supportive and intuitive ways, rather than the prescriptive ways I had been used to offering."

What you'll learn...


👉🏼 Learn why breathing interventions (prescriptive breathing techniques) are not always good for your clients and why breathing for self-regulation (the client learns to reprogram breathing habits) is a far more superior technique to work with.
👉🏼 Teach your clients to Explore intuitive breathing rather than understanding it through manipulation.
👉🏼 Expand your foundational knowledge of breathing mechanics and respiratory chemistry… through the lens of psychology.
👉🏼 Learn about how to acquire new breathing habits consistent with optimizing respiration.
👉🏼 Come away knowing another way to help your clients to manage emotions and thoughts (and for yourself and your loved ones too!).
👉🏼 Immediately start practicing exactly how to identify dysfunctional breathing patterns for both you and your clients.


✅ A Certificate Of Completion from the Online Breathing Academy
✅ Unlimited Access To All Recordings 
✅ Six Educational Modules!
     👉🏼 Physiology of Breathing: Effects on Health & Performance
     👉🏼 Psychology of Breathing: Effects of Habits on Health & Performance
     👉🏼 Breathing Behavior Analysis: Self-Assessment
     👉🏼 Breathing Self-Regulation: Learning New Habits
     👉🏼 Practical Applications: Interventions vs Self Regulation
     👉🏼 Intuitive Breathing: Art, Not Science


☑️ Official Transcripts from the Professional School of Behavioral Health Sciences
☑️ Awarded with One Credit Unit from the Professional School
☑️ Official Certificate of Completion for 15 hours of Continued Education from the Professional School
☑️ $600 credit towards the next course... the Certified Breathing Behavioral Analyst Course!

🔑 Full Transcriptions of the course if you prefer to read as you learn
🔑 A specific Workbook for each module
🔑 Carefully curated Breathing Exercises to work with
🔑 Connect with others on the course inside the platform


Your Facilitators

Peter M. Litchfield, Ph.D.

President of the Professional School of Behavioral Health Sciences, CEO of Better Physiology Ltd. (breathing technology), and Board of Directors and Editor, Breathing Science (journal)

Shane Saunders

Former Special Forces Trainer, Co-Founder of Breathe Me, Award Winning Author, Professional Coach, Professional Speaker, and Co-Host of The Breathing Edge Podcast

Angie Saunders

Former Hollywood Production Coordinator, Co-Founder of Breathe Me, Award Winning Author, Professional Coach, Professional Speaker, and Co-Host of The Breathing Edge Podcast


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What the first students said they liked most...

Jill A.

Great balance between info, practical demos, and at home experience.


Sean W.

The science foundation for breathing, respiration and how this plays into our psychology and conscious awareness.

Catherine D.

Learning how to observe your breath. Learning that breathing is not about tools but studying the habit.

Janel F.

Oh my. I really loved it all. I appreciate every single thing from the workbook, access to The Breathing Studio, every conversation, Peter's expertise and your all's excellent guidance and input.

Adela B.

The material was well organized and important. I learned things that were immediately useful in my own psychotherapy practice.

Natasa F.

Learning so much and Huge AHA moment: self exploration I was Doing the breathing till now and changing that gradually, seeing improvements - Thanks so much!

Summary of your six-week 
Breathing Science Course


  1. Physiology of Breathing: Effects on Health & Performance
  2. Psychology of Breathing: Effects of Habits on Health & Performance
  3. Breathing Behavior Analysis: Self-Assessment
  4. Breathing Self-Regulation: Learning New Habits
  5. Practical Applications: Where, When, and How?
  6. Intuitive Breathing: Art, Not Science 


  • Keep a personal journal about your breathing experience during the entirety of the program.
  • Practice and document what you are learning in the sessions for at least two hours per week.
  • Share feedback on what you’ve learned.


$690 USD


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Janel F.

"This course provided an extremely important cornerstone to my knowledge base and continued growth as a professional. Very well done and highly recommended!!"

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