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Our vision here at the Online Breathing Academy is to teach breathing as a tool to help health professionals, facilitators, and coaches acquire life-changing skills that create on-going and sustainable success for their clients and their businesses.

We do it through educational templates, strategies, and insightful mentoring that brings joy in having a career they love and real measurable results for their clients.

Together we're creating better health and wellness on this planet we share.

We are Shane & Angie Saunders of Breathe Me.

We have learned breathing principles from many teachers, mentors, and guru's over the last decade ...
Our learnings from some of our most impactful teachings have turned into collaborative projects such as the Online Breathwork Fundamentals with Dan Brulé from Breath Mastery AND the Breathing Science Course with Dr. Peter Litchfield of the Graduate School of Behavioral Health Sciences.

We are actively studying with Dr. Litchfield and his partner Sandra Reamer, MS, M.F.A., CBBA, CBBP, CSOM, CST whilst working with private clients as Certified Breathing Behavioral Analysts from the Professional School of Behavioral Health Sciences.

Together our mission is to teach as many people as we can to master the ability to self regulate emotions and enjoy life a little more by utilizing the art of breathing based on physiological and behavioral sciences.

Meet Shane Saunders

Former Special Forces Trainer, Co-Founder of Breathe Me, Award Winning Author, Professional Coach, Professional Speaker, and Co-Host of The Breathing Edge Podcast

Shane served for 13 years in the Australian Defense Force where he trained military divers, tactical assault experts, and top military performers in mind-body self-regulation science while also assisting them (and himself) to successfully complete the SAS selection course.  

Shane's wife, Angie left the USA to join forces in together in Australia, not only in marriage, but in their professional work where together they built a community that supports peoples experiences of life and implement multi-disciplinary techniques for improving mental wellness and performance.

Meet Angie Saunders

Former Entertainer and Production Coordinator, Co-Founder of Breathe Me, Award Winning Author, Professional Coach, Professional Speaker, and Co-Host of The Breathing Edge Podcast

Angie is from a high-powered background in the entertainment industry in Hollywood where she worked both in front of the camera (singing, dancing, acting and stunts) and behind the scenes in production, coordinating films where personal high performance was central to her profession. 

 Together with Shane, they share a common interest in the art (practice) and science (research) of mind-body psychology and the development of optimal self-regulation during performance under pressure led them to weaving together an integrated collection of high-performance learning techniques for reducing stress, working in demanding environments, improving sleep, and stabilizing personal energy. These techniques include the union of ancient wisdom of the breath with breathing science to lower reactivity, improve focus, and bring the mind and body into balance.

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