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Accredited Breathing Science Course

Welcome to the first of its kind... Breathing Science course! 

A series of six sessions with practice and homework in between each sessions.

You will have unlimited access to the course so you can learn at your own pace.

 Perfect if you're a... 

  • Psychologist or Therapist
  • General Practitioner
  • Lifestyle Medicine Advocate 
  • Allied Health Clinician 
  • Teacher or Educator 
  • First Responder
  • Personal Trainer
  • Yoga Instructor
  • Breathworker
  • NLP Practitioner or Life Coach

Your presence is what holds the space for others to heal, transform, and reach their goals while working with you.

Our goal, as facilitators of this course, is to build your capacity to help others and add a valuable technique to your tool belt! 

We look forward to hearing your story on how you are using this course in a way that really makes a difference. 

🙏🏼 Shane & Angie Saunders

Here's the recap!

Course objectives: 

👉🏼 Learn why breathing interventions (prescriptive breathing techniques) are not always good for your clients and why breathing for self-regulation (the client learns to reprogram breathing habits) is a far more superior technique to work with.
👉🏼 Teach your clients to Explore intuitive breathing rather than understanding it through manipulation.
👉🏼 Expand your foundational knowledge of breathing mechanics and respiratory chemistry… through the lens of psychology.
👉🏼 Learn about how to acquire new breathing habits consistent with optimizing respiration.
👉🏼 Come away knowing another way to help your clients to manage emotions and thoughts (and for yourself and your loved ones too!).
👉🏼 Immediately start practicing exactly how to identify dysfunctional breathing patterns for both you and your clients.


✅ Transcripts and workbooks for each module

A Certificate Of Completion from the Online Breathing Academy

✅ Unlimited Access To All Recordings including the Q&A sessions.

✅ Six Educational Modules:
     👉🏼 Physiology of Breathing: Effects on Health & Performance
     👉🏼 Psychology of Breathing: Effects of Habits on Health & Performance
     👉🏼 Breathing Behavior Analysis: Self-Assessment
     👉🏼 Breathing Self-Regulation: Learning New Habits
     👉🏼 Practical Applications: Interventions vs Self Regulation
     👉🏼 Intuitive Breathing: Art, Not Science


☑️ Official Transcripts from the Professional School of Behavioral Health Sciences

☑️ Awarded with One Credit Unit from the Professional School

☑️ Official Certificate of Completion for 15 hours of Continued Education from the Professional School

☑️ $600 credit towards the next course... the Certified Breathing Behavioral Analyst Course!
     🔑 Full Transcriptions of the course if you prefer to read as you learn
     🔑 A specific Workbook for each module
     🔑 Carefully curated Breathing Exercises to work with
     🔑 Connect with others on the course inside the platform


"The material was well organized and important. I learned things that were immediately useful in my own psychotherapy practice." —Adela B.

"This course was incredibly insightful. As someone who's been guiding breathing in a yoga and coaching context for many years, this information flipped my knowledge of breathing on its head in the best way. I feel more equipped to understand what's going on with my clients and students and how to guide them in supportive and intuitive ways, rather than the prescriptive ways I had been used to offering." —Laura C.

"What I liked most... The science, foundation for breathing, respiration and how this plays into our psychology and conscious awareness." Sean W.