Is Bad Breath Is Killing Your Business?

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You’ve heard the saying ‘bad breath kills business’? Well, it really should be bad breathing. It’s a little bit of a joke between us, but we’re talking about bad breathing in the sense of energy management and how it can affect your overall state and hinder choices made in all areas of your life, including, you guessed it, business.In this post and podcast episode, we’ll be talking about energy management from aspects of the mind and the body.

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Breaking it Down

Imagine a battery; there are roughly around three levels of battery life. You can be on red, which indicates low charge. You can be at yellow, moderate. Or, you could have a green battery indicator, fully charged. When you’re on high charge, you’re ready to go and kick some butt in your business, you’ve got time, and you have the energy for your family, your friends and yourself.

Like most of us, you’ve probably been more concerned at times about the charge of your mobile devices than you are of the ‘charge’ of your own self.

So we’d invite you to have a look at where you’re making decisions and where you are with the energy of your body. Are you at low charge and making decisions out of desperation, or are you in the yellow or green zones?

Battery Levels Within Your Life

In business, you have the choice of either making decisions from a peaceful and powerful state (i.e. fully charged), or making decisions from a cranky or disempowered state (i.e. lower charge).

It doesn’t end there. Even with property deals, making decisions or negotiating, you’ll have a far better outcome when you’re acting from the upper end of your battery. Not to mention the outcomes of having a fuller battery life when dealing with your personal life. If you’ve got a low charge, you’ll react more and make poorer choices when interacting with your children or partner. Whereas when fully charged, you can communicate better and gain more positive outcomes and experiences.

We have found the people we consult with or who attend our live events generally hover between the red and the yellow. Once they’ve had a breathing session with us, most find they get to feel what green is again.

This is important because results are directly correlated to activities, which are directly related to decisions made, which are directly associated with whether or not the person making the decisions is in a red, yellow or green state.

It’s a simple but powerful idea and gives us a way of checking in with ourselves and the quality of the decisions we make.

Take a moment to think back and look at decisions you’ve made, conversations you’ve had, deals you’ve done in your business. Try and feel as if you were sitting in your own personal energy, and have a look at the results that yielded. In situations where you didn’t make quality decisions, there’s a high likelihood that your energy was low. Conversely, in situations where you did make quality decisions, see if you can remember if your energy was high. Nine times out of ten there is a correlation.

Energy management plays back and forth between the mind and body. Energy could be a lacking in the body, which the mind responds to, or it could be lacking in the mind, which the body responds to. It can be a bit of a vicious cycle where one is playing off the other.

Breath is the fastest way to interrupt that pattern and charge the battery of your body and mind to be able to make better decisions from there.

Breathing – The Key Habit

We have mentioned before the physiological effects of the breathing, which we term as the key habit. We’ve talked about high-quality habits and how they restore your battery to green. If you look at breathing from the physiological aspect, it is the fastest way to change your body’s chemistry, thus is the fastest way to change your state. We have specific breathing techniques that will take your energy right up as well as specific breathing techniques that will put you right down into a relaxed state.

These are probably the most effective energy management and state management tools that we have ever come across. Breathing is fundamental and is the most accessible thing that you have.

Supercharging With The Breath

Breathing, of course, is our modality and we have tried and tested a lot of modalities. A lot of them have worked quite effectively, especially in the mind part of things.

But if you add the breath to your modality of choice and integrate it into your high-quality habit, you’ll notice that there’ll be a ‘supercharge’ effect. For instance, if meditation is your thing, add the breath into it, in ways that we teach, and gain a supercharged experience. If yoga or pilates are your thing, add our breath techniques and you’ll see a supercharge effect to what you’re already doing.

Personal Energy Management

We invite you to look at your personal energy management from a few different aspects. Look at it from the aspect of your body and consider food, water, sleep and movement. These areas should have high-quality habits within them. All of these will ultimately affect the charge of your battery both from a mental and a physical aspect.

If you’re not paying attention to your own energy management, you’re probably not paying attention to your battery life. Anytime you need to make an important decision and you’re caught out in the red, use the breath to recharge and give yourself some space to be able to make a decision from there.

Meeting With Key Players

Recently, we were fortunate enough to be involved in a board of directors meeting with 13 other business owners, entrepreneurs, etc. all at the top of their game, discussing significant problems in their business. People were talking about whether their products were right, whether they should they hire a team, were undercharging for services and so on. We saw underneath all of this and what we saw was a lack of personal leadership and energy management. The decisions, the thoughts, the things that people were asking about weren’t really about those things as such. They were just making poor decisions from a low battery.

We see this all the time with people, and all these problems are a symptom of low personal energy. This goes straight to the root of most business issues.

In fact we asked one question to the board of directors that had them stop and think “What could you accomplish if you had double the amount of energy?” Most of them answered that if they had double the energy it would either fix or contribute to them getting the outcome they were after.

Managing Your Levels

We have been able to build and manage our own wealth business, property portfolio, share portfolio, investments in other vehicles, tech companies etc. We’ve also maintained our relationship and the relationship with our kids and our family. The key element in all of these has been the management of our own energy using the breath as our key tool. That’s really been the key element here.

It’s simple, yet, if you don’t do it, it’s complex.

Knowing your own battery level is vital. You’re going to flow between red, yellow and green, and having the breath as a quick and easy to use tool to charge yourself back up is powerful (literally).

The Power of Three

We earlier introduced the P3 method, the power of three method, which involves breathing in a specific pattern, using the triangle, square or circle. If you don’t know what we’re referring to, then you can go to this post and podcast episode here. It’s a simple method. In three minutes, you can charge yourself up and make decisions at your peak battery levels.

It’s simple but not necessarily easy, but the results make the effort worthwhile.

Hammering This Home

It’s the habits! Habits, simple yet powerful breathing habits in particular, bust procrastination, drive consistency, create confidence, charge your battery, and allow you to make quality management decisions. So bad breath doesn’t have to kill your business after all.

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