Breathe Mastery – An Interview With Dan Brulé

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Dan Brulé has been taking the breath seriously for a long time. Since the early 1970’s in fact. In that time he’s shared his craft with more than 150,000 people in over sixty countries. We’re blessed to count ourselves among that number and to have worked with Dan closely in recent years as we’ve learnt the craft of breath mastery ourselves.

We haven’t just learned from him though. We’ve also partnered with him on projects and and proud to be bringing to Australia for the second time, in October 2018 for a national tour. We’ll be doing full day workshops in Melbourne and the Gold Coast and will wrap the tour up with a three day accreditation program in the Gold Coast.

We jumped on a short call with him to download a bit of pre-tour wisdom for our listeners and readers. Whether you’re just curious about breathing or are a hard-core breath enthusiast we’re sure you’ll find Dan’s journey both interesting and enlightening. Think of it as an opportunity to breathe in a little mastery for yourself.

And if a week’s holiday in The Bahamas is something that appeals to you, you’ll find this interesting for sure!

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Here’s what we covered during the interview:

  • People literally come alive when they learn advanced breathing techniques.
  • There are different styles of breathing to explore to expand your experience.
  • Sticking to one style of breathing – rebirthing, sports and fitness, etc – limits your repertoire.
  • New breakthroughs are happening in breathing at all levels, in science, medicine, and spirituality.
  • Being able to manage your emotional and mental states for professional purposes, is business and sports, is drawing people to learn more about breathing.
  • How breath mastery is enabling professionals to connect more intuitively with their teams, their audiences and their stakeholders.
  • Leaders that breathe with their teams, bond with their teams.
  • Breathing is the key to developing group flow.
  • Conscious breathers perform higher than average in all walks of life.
  • Conscious breathers are better able to centre themselves in difficult situations.
  • Practicing breathing techniques with a coach produces better results.
  • Learning to ‘relax into intensity’ is an advantage conscious breathers have over unconscious or automatic breathers.
  • There’s no substitute for inner work.
  • All ancient arts of mastery, including yoga, Chi Gung and other martial arts and such modalities include controlled breathing as a key part of the technique.
  • Expanded consciousness is a natural byproduct of advanced breathing practices.
  • The breath awakens the intelligence of the body and the mind and allows for heightened experiences.
  • Dan has seen several ‘waves’ of interest in breathing since the 1970s. This current one is the biggest…
  • Those who don’t embrace breath work will be left behind.
  • Dan has had an intense twelve months since his visit to Australia last October, visiting 9 countries and holding several trainings in each country.
  • Relaxation is key to accessing more personal energy.
  • Dan has been working with Tony Robbins and helps him with relaxation and energy generation.
  • Tony has mastered relaxation to the point where with one or two breaths he can attain a relaxation state comparable to week’s holiday in The Bahamas.
  • Relaxation also brings grace to whatever it is that you do.
  • Relaxation through breathing can be like your own personal reboot tool.
  • You can recover your health, you can recover your money, you can find new friends, but time is precious and you’d better make the use of it we can.
  • There is always more to learn with breathing practices. You will experience plateaus as you progress but the more you ‘lean in’ the more profound the benefits you will experience.
  • Just as the first four-minute mile opened up possibilities, the experiences of breath masters now are opening up possibilities for others.
  • So that’s my focus these days, on making the use of just a few breaths. If you get the quality of it, you get the basics of it down, phew the things we can accomplish. It’s exciting me, I’ll tell you.

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